Lets talk layers with Klim!

So stoked on Klim's new colours and styles! I received a couple boxes full of amazing gear this week from them. Lots of goodies for all the She Shreds clients this season!

But lets talk layers here! The photo below is my personal favorite suite for this year.

The womens Alpine parka (non-insulated) and the mens Powerxross pants (non-insulated).

Why do i pick non-insulated stuff? Well let me tell you!

I like to layer it up! Riding in the mountains we are constantly standing, moving and jumping around on our snowmobile. We get hot very fast. Thats why I like to layer it up.

Lets say its about -10C outside my layering choices for that day would be for a base layer the Lady Tach LS T, followed by the Ladies Sundance Shirt then the Alpine Parka. That would give me the option to shed a layer if I get too hot and put it back on once I cool down at lunch or something. Don't get me wrong, if its colder outside I will probably be wearing my other suit - the womens Allure Parka (insulated) and the Allure bib pants (insulated) with less layering - probably just the Lady Tech LS under the jacket (I may consider putting the Sundance shirt in my pack for additional layering incase). Ill be wearing the Adrenaline GTX boot and Powerxross gloves as well!

Visit klim.com for more on this years outerwear.