Janice Mcwilliam joins the She Shreds coach/guide team!

I am very proud to announce that Janice Mcwilliam will be joining the She Shreds coach/guide team this season! Janice has been a close friend and one of my favourite girls to sled with.  She is positive, fun, full of knowledge when it comes to teaching sled progression, very skilled sledder, safe, and best of all she is humble. I cant wait for all you ladies to have fun with her this season.  Welcome to the team Janice! I caught up with Janice and this is what she had to say...

Snowmobiling has always been a big part of my life - I can remember my grandpa's 1st snowmobile was a 1972 Bombardier Olympic - it was a tank! I would be riding around on it with my brother when I was 8 yrs old back in Muskoka, Ontario. At that time in Ontario, when you turned 13 yrs old, you could do a 2 day course to get your snowmobile license so that you were legal to make road and railway crossing. So my friends and I did the weekend course together and it was our 1st taste of freedom! Riding to school on snowy weekdays and on the weekends hitting the trails to go to different restaurants for french fries! Snowmobile Rallies, Poker Runs and Puddle Jump competitions! So much fun!

When I moved to BC in 1996 it was obvious that mountain riding was where it was at!

With the intention of buying a sled for access to backcountry skiing - I never did put my skis on my sled - not once! The powder carves and face shots on a snowmobile are unparalleled! Instantly addicting! Although now, as life has a way of changing,  I take my 15yr old daughter sled skiing and she loves the access to fresh powder all day long! 

I have always ridden Ski-Doo's and have owned many! It is unbelievable how the technology has advanced so far over the years - from a 1972 Olympic to now riding the Gen 4 Skidoo 850 165" the transformation is incredible! With years of riding experience on our local mountains in Pemberton I am so excited that I now have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with She Shreds Mountain Adventures! 

What do you like most about sledding?

I love the adventure! Whether you are exploring new terrain or you are in an area that you've been a hundred times - no 2 days in the mountains are ever the same!

What is so inspiring riding with a bunch of girls?

"back in the day" I was always the only girl - If I saw another chick on a sled in the mountains I would ride right over and introduce myself. Now there are days when there are no guys with us - girl power!! so much fun energy & team work! 

Sledding in 4 words:

cheeks sore from smiling

What do you look forward to most working with She Shreds?

I love to teach people riding (or getting unstuck) techniques that can make life easier. Also seeing the smiles on people's faces is just priceless! Introducing people to a sport that I am so passionate about is a dream come true!

Most memorable sledding day?

so many that it would be impossible to pick just one!!  

Feel free to follow Janice on her facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/janice.mcwilliam.7