JULIE-ANN CHAPMAN - LEAD GUIDE / Owner/Operator of She Shreds Mountain Adventures

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Eight years ago, Julie-Ann Chapman created She Shreds; being the first 'all girls' snowmobile clinic in the world. Prior to this, Julie-Ann was once a professional snowboarder (2005-2010) that "converted" to a professional snowmobiler in 2011.



Julie-Ann and her team specializes in teaching women to progress their skills on their snowmobile and now we welcome men to join us for clinics and guided adventures as well!  With a strong emphasis on backcountry safety, She Shreds provides one of the best snowmobile adventure learning experiences. She Shreds also provides avalanche safety courses in conjunction with the Canadian Avalanche Association.


What do you like most about sledding?

It's most of the time an unknown adventure. You can plan your day of sledding all you want (its always good to have a safety plan) but you are always faced with something new and exciting. I love how its a bit of "the unknown adventure" every time!

What is so inspiriting riding with a bunch of girls?

Whenever you're out with a bunch of girls its always fun. Everyone tends to open up a bit more when there is no men around. No one to impress, no one to look down on you, no one to get mad at you and you can express being a girl in the most bad ass way. Being able to push each other to our next comfortable level on the sled with encouragement from other girls is an indescribable feeling! 


Sledding in 4 words:

Rewarding, challenging, so fun, badass.

Most memorable sledding day?

Any day with a good group of friends when the sun is shining and the snow is belly button deep. The feeling you get when you return to the trucks safe and completely exhausted: so good.


JANICE MCWILLIAM - Lead Guide in Pemberton BC

instagram: @jmcwilliam123

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Snowmobiling has always been a big part of my life - I can remember my grandpa's 1st snowmobile was a 1972 Bombardier Olympic - it was a tank! I would be riding around on it with my brother when I was 8 yrs old back in Muskoka, Ontario. At that time in Ontario, when you turned 13 yrs old, you could do a 2 day course to get your snowmobile license so that you were legal to make road and railway crossing. So my friends and I did the weekend course together and it was our 1st taste of freedom! Riding to school on snowy weekdays and on the weekends hitting the trails to go to different restaurants for french fries! Snowmobile Rallies, Poker Runs and Puddle Jump competitions! So much fun!

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When I moved to BC in 1996 it was obvious that mountain riding was where it was at!

With the intention of buying a sled for access to backcountry skiing - I never did put my skis on my sled - not once! The powder carves and face shots on a snowmobile are unparalleled! Instantly addicting! Although now, as life has a way of changing,  I take my 15yr old daughter sled skiing and she loves the access to fresh powder all day long! 

With years of riding experience on our local mountains in Pemberton BC, I am so excited that I now have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with She Shreds Mountain Adventures clients! 

What do you like most about sledding?

I love the adventure! Whether you are exploring new terrain or you are in an area that you've been a hundred times - no 2 days in the mountains are ever the same!



What is so inspiriting riding with a bunch of girls?

"Back in the day" I was always the only girl - If I saw another chick on a sled in the mountains I would ride right over and introduce myself. Now there are days when there rare no guys with us - girl power!! so much fun energy & team work! 

Sledding in 4 words:

Cheeks sore from smiling


What do you look forward to most working with She Shreds?

I love to teach people riding (or getting unstuck) techniques that can make life easier. Also seeing the smiles on people's faces is just priceless! Introducing people to a sport that I am so passionate about is a dream come true!

Most memorable sledding day?

So many that it would be impossible to pick just one!!  


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Born and raised in Nelson BC, my whole life everything revolved around being in the wilderness and exploring. The 2018/2019 season will be my 7th season backcountry riding. I work full time as a welder but sledding and photography are my true passions.


What do you like most about sledding?

The adventure and good times with friends. Every time I go into the backcountry I get to push my limits and learn new things.

What is so inspiriting riding with a bunch of girls?

Watching girls learn and having those break through moments. Riding with a group of girls is very empowering. Cheering each other on, pushing each others limits. Girls ride differently then guys so I find picking up tips and tricks from other women is the best way to learn.


Sledding in 4 words:

The Adventure, The thrill

What do you look forward to most working with She Shreds?

Meeting and riding with other badass women sledders! Can't wait to make some more great memories!

Most memorable sledding day?

I have way to many memorable sledding days to list. I think everyday sledding day good or bad is a memorable ride. 


ANGELISA EDWARDS - Tail Guide in Pemberton BC

Instragram: @angelisaedwards

Originally from a small town in Saskatchewan, I grew up loving winter sports such as snowboarding and sledding. I moved to Squamish BC in 2010 and bought a sled in 2012. I shared my sled with my hubby and it wasn’t long until I bought my own. I am a graphic designer and a manager at a print shop in Squamish BC and I also have a few other creative outlets. You can find me up in the mountains with my sled, or on the trails with my dirt bike. 


What do you like most about sledding?

I love sledding because it has exposed me to places I never thought I would reach in my life time. Learning new terrain within our backyard has been nothing but amazing. The sport itself has been a new challenge and every day I focus on getting better. Its been an amazing outlet to connect with nature, a way to express myself creatively and riding with friends who are passionate about the sport.

What is so inspiriting riding with a bunch of girls?

It inspires me to connect with women who sled because I know the challenges we face and I have a big appreciation to all female riders who are out there learning how to sled. It is a male dominated sport and I get so excited knowing there are women out there who are doing it for themselves, learning because THEY want to and killing it at the same time. When I ride with a bunch of women, we are constantly pushing each other in a non pressured environment and we are always cheering each other on. It is truly a humbling and rewarding sport and is always better when you have a crew of rad chicks. 


Sledding in 4 words:

Humbling, Rewarding, Challenging, Exhilarating

What do you look forward to most working with She Shreds?

I am looking forward to working with She Shreds because I love introducing women to the sport, meeting new people, and sharing my passion within the sport. 

Most memorable sledding day?

There are plenty memorable sledding days but the one that stands out the most is the Jumps & Drops 2018 Clinic with She Shreds. It was a 2 day clinic in Pemberton and I really enjoyed making it into an all girls trip, staying in a lodge with like minded women who are passionate about the sport. The sledding was amazing but connecting with these women was the highlight of the trip as well. We pushed each other, laughed and learned a lot within those two days but we were able to hang out and spend time off - mountain which was really cool.