Snowmobiles available for rental:

All rentals are subject to 12% tax and require a pre-auth damage deposit on credit card of $2500.00.  They include gas, oil, drop off and pick up of sled to sledding location (in Pemberton area only) and all your avalanche gear. You are responsible for drop off/pick up if in the Nelson area. The rental includes liability insurance and each rider is fully responsible for any damage done to the snowmobile while they ride it (rental contract provided prior to ride).

If you are registered for a She Shreds clinic you get a 20% discount on a sled rental

She Shreds rental fleet consists of all Polaris sleds

POLARIS 850 PATRIOT 163" 2.6” ES - $425

POLARIS 850 PATRIOT 155" 2.6” ES - $425

POLARIS PRO RMK AYXS 800 155" 2.6” ES - $400

POLARIS PRO RMK AXYS 800 163" 2.6” ES - $400

POLARIS PRO RMK AXYS 800 163" 3” ES - $400

**Multi day special rates are available upon request**