2013 She Shreds Revelstoke clinic! A fun Success!!

Ahhhhhhh what a good time!!!  Couldn’t have asked for anything better (well ok maybe a bit more sun would have been rad!).  Ladies arrived from Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC Friday evening super pumped for the weekend ahead of them.  Some had been driving for 2 days to get to Revelstoke for the She Shreds clinic!  Dedicated ladies!  Love it!  We had a nice dinner and a meet and great with the girls then hit the sack for a fun day ahead of us. 

 The next morning was humorous!  Steph Schwartz’s recoil blew up, and then guess what?  Another recoil blew on a Mountain Max triple pipe!  Then guess what happened?  Another gal’s sled battery was dead (so she thought anyways ;) hahaSo thanks to Glacier House, one of their mechanics starting fixing Steph’s sled, we decided to leave the old gal Mountain Max behind and rent a new Ski Doo XM.  Let me tell you, she ended up being so stoked on leaving the Mountain Max behind and getting to ride that XM all day!  I grabbed an electric start sled from the Glacier House shop, grabbed my jumper cables from my truck and bolted to the dead sled.  Set it all up for the jump and notice she forgot her kill switch down ;)  That was the highlight of our morning!  Hehe 

Before you knew it, after doing some backcountry safety scenarios (beacon checks, searches, emergency scenario’s etc etc) the girls were all killing it in the backcountry.  Learning new skills on how to improve their riding on their sleds, getting stuck, giggling and laughing and just having a blast!  Some even got some airs off a little wind lip.  The weather could have been a bit sunnier but thanks to that we got some great views through out the day with a beautiful sky and the snow was awesome too!!  Pooped and jelly armed we headed down the trailhead at the end of the day and got to witness a pretty sweet view/sunset.  The girls improved ten fold by the end of the day!  We were stoked!

We started our dinner with the goodie bag give away and did prizes for stuck of the day, etc.  Some sweet prizes were handed out:  Dayco belts, Feethookers Running boards, 509 Helmet and goggles, Slednecks gear, Diva’s Snow Gear, Ski Doo prize pack etc etc.

The next morning we did a great Yoga class instructed by Kim from Welwinds Therapeutic Spa.  The mellow flow class was just what we needed to stretch out and wake up our sore muscles from the day before.  We said our good bye’s and till next time’s as some girls departed for another 2 days of driving! 

This clinic couldn’t have been possible thanks to the two coaches that helped me teach the Revelstoke clinic – Stephanie LaRoy Schwartz, Nadine Overwater.  You girls have such a passion for the sport and I thank you huge for the great success of the Revy clinic!  Also, thanks do Klim, RSI, 509, Dayco, Valley Chainsaw Recreational, Ski Doo, Snowpulse, Mammut, Fox, Slednecks, C & A skis, Diva’s Snow Gear, CFR Racing, Toyskinz, Feethookers, inReach Canada, Canadian Avalanche Association, joydigger.com and Niex Toques for supporting She Shreds Mountain Adventures.

 The next She Shreds clinic is on March 2&3 just outside of Whistler BC up Brohm Ridge.  It is a similar style clinic with a full day on snow, meals and back country glorified cabin sleep over with yoga the next morning.  A snow cat will be bringing up all the gear seeing the cabin is sled access only.  Guest coaches are Ski Doo's Ashley Chaffin from Alaska and Stephanie LaRoy Schwartz from Revelstoke along with Julie-Ann Chapman.  Possibilities of Brandy Floyd as well depending on numbers for bookings!  Please visit www.sheshreds.ca to book!  Ps: It’s a great valentines day gift for your loved ones gentlemen ;)

Here are some testimonials from a couple of the girls that took part in the 2013 Revy clinic:

Allison H -  I would have rated the clinic a 9/10, I had so much fun with all the girls and felt like I learned a lot.  The only thing that I wish would have been different is to have had more time to learn, although you can't realistically practice everything in one day, even just hearing about the different techniques used would have sufficed.  I liked being split up and having that one on one time with a coach rather than staying as a whole.  Giving us the option of what we wanted to learn was nice too and I really appreciated it when you came up to me and told me what you noticed about my riding and gave me pointers.  You girls were always on top of everything and always eager to help us out! :)  The best part of the day for me was the view, absolutely gorgeous!  Glacier House Lodge was very accommodating; they had very friendly staff and it was convenient to be able to park our sleds right outside.  For the cabin rooming 12 girls I felt as if everything ran pretty smoothly.

Tamara S – My clinic with She Shreds was fantastic. You girls (coaches Julie-Ann, Stephanie and Nadine) were so patient and I learned a lot. Just seeing the enthusiasm that the three of you had for the sport and especially woman in the sport is contagious.  What I liked most about the she shreds clinic - It took you out of your comfort zone but in an easy going way that made you do it.  What I liked the least - Hmmmm, I guess picking the names for the prizes, perhaps they could be given out for, the most stucks, most improved..... etc.  My review on the lodging - Lodging was fantastic, food was great. It being so close to the trails was great. No complaints.  Your clinic made me miss being on a sled, it gave me some skills so I can go out and work on them. The passion is back and I will be going to buy a sled in the near future. The skidoo summit xm!

Courtney D - I had an awesome time with you three ladies! You are all totally chill and down to earth women which made the riding and over all social aspect of the clinic that much more enjoyable! So ah. Ya thanks for being awesome you guys.  My favourite part about the clinic...other than riding in general.... I enjoyed that little bit of air we did at the beginning and the hill climb. Haha. Overall I liked the relax learning atmosphere. I felt like there was ample opportunity to push yourself or veg and watch the other rad girls do their thing.   One thing I'd like to see changed is a two day clinic. It's such a long drive (for most of us) and that second day would really be beneficial. I know I just started feeling good and confident but then you're pooped from all that shovelling out! Second day you'd start of with more confidence and know what you want to work on.  I would also like to see more stuff like hill climbs (and learning to turn out sooner! Haha) as well as little drops. But then again I was the one hoping to do a 360 back flip so it's probably a good thing we kept it at the basics. (I tend to skip steps in the middle and go straight from A-Z).  But overall the clinic definitely met my expectations! Too bad the weather wouldn't play nice but we had nice pow! 10+ in my books! If I didn't live in the North Pole I would be coming to the next clinic for sure!!! Hey. I still might ;) I met a ton of wicked (semi-local) ladies and I can't wait to hook up and go riding with them again! That was my original goal when I first heard of your clinic. Stoked!

 Here are some pics from the Revelstoke She Shreds clinic.  To see the full album please visit the She Shreds Facebook page!